Zoodle Zoodle Zoodling!!!!

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Zoodle Zoodle...It's a good Noodle!!

Zoodle Zoodle…It’s a good Noodle!!

Hey friends,

Thanks for stopping by the blog!  So who is zoodling these days??? Know what a zoodle is??? Have you tried a zoodle? I mean…..I kinda just like to say this fun word “zoodle!!!” I have mentioned before how I love to keep food interesting, fun, and of course healthy and zoodles are just that……pure nutrition, super fun and a twist on the normal noodle. Basically a zoodle is any fruit or vegetable that can be spiralized into a noodle and a lower calorie, lower carbohydrate  version of the pasta noodle. Zucchini, Squash, sweet potato, carrots, apples, beets, cucumbers, or any fresh veggie or fruit that can be zoodled. Zoodling is not hard, and only requires a spiralizer to make these fun, healthy zoodles. I have made many zoodle recipes but one of my favorite ways to zoodles is making a healhy zoodle stir fry. If you need quick veggies on the side or as the main course, just zoodle a bunch of veggie noodles, toss in a pan with a tablespoon of olive oil and season as you like. I personally love using Braggs Liquid Amino Acids for an Asian flair and then adding other colorful veggies to the pan plus a healthy protein source like shrimp, chicken, or fish.  Zoodles are a winner in my book and a great way to slim down a meal, up the nutrients, and still enjoy great flavor!!! Give it a try if you haven’t! Cheers!