Well + Good…Parsley vs. Cilantro

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Recently I had the pleasure to work with Well + Good and chat about the differences between parsley vs. cilantro. Herbs are such a great way to add flavor naturally without adding sodium or preservatives to foods and can boost nutritional benefits in our diet. So let’s just dive in a little further about these two tasty herbs and find out their unique gifts.


-parsley has a wide range of positive health benefits and is a super easy, diverse herb that not only can enhance plate decor and add natural flavor but also offer great nutrition.

-Parsley is considered to help fight cancer thanks to a high concentration of a flavonoid called myricetin and a compound called apigenin.

-Parsley has elevated levels of vitamin K which can help in bone health

-Parsley can aid in protection against Diabetes thanks to the myricetin as well which has some anti-inflammatory properties and in some studies has shown to help lower blood sugar levels and decrease insulin resistance.

-Parsely is high in Vitamin C ans A which can help boost the immune system, fight wrinkles in the aging process and healthy aid in eye health! -Parsley is a natural breath freshener and can aid in digestion/fight bloat, -Parsley has also been going to help fight bladder infections and is an extremely heart healthy herb to add to our diet since it contains good levels of folate, a heart healthy B vitamin.

Parsley has a mild flavor complex with a slight peppery, spicy yet very fresh/bright flavor that can be added to a variety of meals from soups/stews, casseroles, salads, smoothies, great in Italian dishes, and really a good go-to herb to keep in hand for most dishes from breakfast to supper meals. This herb is not only a beautiful garnish for the next meal but be sure not to skip eating it too with all the nutritional benefits it offers.


-Cilantro is similar to Parsley in fact is often called Chinese Parsley. High in antioxidants this herb is another fresh, vibrant way to add flavor to foods without adding extra sodium plus it has a wide range of health benefits from both the cilantro levels and coriander seeds it produces. Main nutritive content is a good source of vitamin C, potassium phosphorus, magnesium zinc, dietary fiber, calcium, and iron

-Cilantro (coriander) had very high levels of carotenoids which can provide a wide range of health impact from eye health to cancer prevention.

-Cilantro is very detoxifying and can actually help rid the body of heavy metals plus even have an antibacterial effect providing food poisoning protection in the body.

-Cilantro helps fight inflammation and fights oxidative stress thanks to a powerful flavonoid called quercetin

-Cilantro is very heart healthy and has been show to help lower cholesterol and total triglycerides in the body

-Cilantro like parsley provides cancer fighting properties, aids fighting UTI infections, and can also aid in digestion, fighting bloat/stomach upset

-Cilantro can soothe skin both internally and externally. It has a natural anti-histamine effect in the body and can aid/soothe skin irritations.

-Cilantro like Parsley can also help lower blood sugar levels.

Cilantro is very bright in flavor with a stronger profile then Parsley. It is an herb that some love and some

do not! The flavor is strong and difficult to describe since it differs for so many. The best description I can provide would be it has a slight bitter/spicy flavor with a slash of lemon hint and a little goes a long way.

This herb can be used in a variety of foods/meals from salsas to salads but a little really does go a long way.

-I believe some people do have such an aversion to cilantro because of it’s strong flavor profile and often too much has been used in a dish which easily over power a meal. Therefore a little goes a long way and parsley is a great, more bland substitute if cilantro is not your jam!

The best way to keep herbs like cilantro and parsley fresh is to slightly trim the bottom stems, place them like a bouquet of flowers in a mason jar, with a little water just enough to cover ends of stems and keep in the fridge. I love growing both cilantro and parsley in our garden every summer. Growing herbs can be super simple in in flower pots. However if you feel like you struggle with a brown thumb you can always find the herbs in a grocery.

If you would like to read the full Well + Good article just click on the link below. Enjoy.