BlueNana Pop

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Summer may be coming to an end, but fresh produce is still in full swing. Recently on a special trip to a local blueberry farm along with my 5 year old son, together we picked 5 pounds of fresh blueberries right off the bush!! Right away my recipe wheels started to turn and the first recipe born was the BlueNana Pop!!  It just can’t get any better then fresh picked, sweet blueberries … plus, blueberries are extremely low in calories, high in antioxidant effect, full of phytonutrients, full of fiber, and a great source of manganese. Current research suggests that […]

Soup for Summer!

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Often during the hot and sticky summer months we probably don’t think about making soup for our meals. It’s August and although school is starting up soon the weather continues to be hot, hot, hot!! The great thing about soup is that it doesn’t have to be served hot and the possibilities are endless! So, why not try COLD soup? Here are 3 good reasons why cold soup can be a very healthy option for a quick, easy, and nutritious summer meal. 1. Soup can be Hydrating! During the summer heat it is always a good idea to stay on […]