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I get this question a lot, “Is snacking good for me” or “maybe I should cut out snacking?” As I have said before I advocate healthy snacking during the day to help sustain energy, balance blood sugar levels, and help from overeating at the next meal. I often recommend having a small mid-morning snack and small mid-afternoon snack under 200 calories. When snacking I always try to combine a healthy fat or protein with a healthy carbohydrate to keep it balanced. Today I wanted to share a quick, fun snack with you that is super easy and satisfying! All you need is celery, avocado or pre-made guacamole, and a few carrots. In a recent study Ohio State University Study, pairing avocados with high carotenoid veggies like carrots enhances beta carotene absorption 6.6 times by greatly increasing the conversion over 12 times high from beta carotene to vitamin A. In a nutshell, Avos and carrots are good buddies.  This snack is great to make ahead or time and pop I fridge for later or it is easy to throw together. If offers healthy fat from the avocado which will help bridge the gap to the next meal and healthy veggies to round out all the healthiness.  I always like to add a splash of creativity or fun to food and this snack is my twist to “ants on a log” lets call it “Guac on a Log!” Enjoy.

“Guac on a Log”:

5-6 finger length celery sticks

2-3 tbsp. guacamole

thinly sliced carrots

How to:

Add a healthy smear of the guacamole to each celery stick and top with carrots…’s that easy!