Self Care……What does that mean?

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Self Care….What does that mean?

Self care is a pillar to our overall wellness. What does self care look like for you?! Self care is different for everyone and does not necessarily have to be a bubble bath with candles. Carving consistent time out for self care is so important to our physical and mental health. Living a healthy lifestyle is not about perfection but always striving for progression where we can compound healthy habits that eventually become natural to us. Identifying what self care habits speak to you specifically and making sure it is integrated into our overall wellness efforts is a good place to start. Personally I feel like my self care habits are always evolving as I grow and learn what works for my body and mind. I have several different self care habits that I enjoy and some don’t have to take much time to provide satisfaction.

I absolutely love any self care that involves healthy skincare. A little unknown fact about me is that if I had continued my education past Dietetics, I would have loved to pursue the field of Dermatology. Therefore, one self care habit I have been integrating into my wellness routine lately is jade rolling. Love this little tool that personally helps my skin feel amazing. Basically it is an ancient form of facial lymphatic drainage that has been used for centuries to boost blood flow under the skin, purify, and heal the skin…. yes please!

Jade rolling is defiantly trending but currently there are no scientific studies to prove it’s full effect. Even though this technique is not scientifically proven I personally enjoy the process, feel, and results from jade rolling. If you keep this fantastic tool in the fridge, it feels amazing when chilled as well!

I will carve out time a few times a week to jade roll since it not only feels so good to my face and neck but it truly provides results in just a few minutes! I am very passionate about using safer skincare with clean ingredients and trust the Beautycounter brand. I started making the switch to safer skincare and cosmetics about five years ago and so glad I did! Our skin is our largest organ and typically 60- 70% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into out bloodstream! Beautycounter has streamlined and simplified my beauty routine so on ever doubt or question what I use on my skin. I follow the jade facial massage with the Beautycounter Countermatch Adaptive face lotion which is super hydrating and the #1 Brightening + Vitamin C face oil that helps brighten the skin and fight free radicals. After I have completed the jade facial massage any puffiness before feels so much better and mentally I know I have taken the time out for myself that was needed plus enjoyable!

I encourage everyone to find what works for you whether it is a bath, a jog, a massage, a little shopping, mani or pedi, walk, dancing in the kitchen, goodness the self care possibilities are endless!

Thank you for carving out this time, hopefully this will inspire you to find what works for you! Cheers to self care!