Reflect, Rest and Rejuvenate!

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1FFBD0CA-58B4-4425-BEC3-F8760F2F773BI am back friends! You will see a major break from my last blog post! Why? Well Sometimes it’s healthy to take time to reflect, rest and rejuvenate the spirit. Not stopping, just pumping the breaks.

The past few months and past year professionally I done just that! It’s ok to hit that pause button.  I have made many professional  decisions but one of the best choices I have made is to rest because through professional rest comes renewed strength, refreshed motivation, and some clarity. Although I am still working through more ideas to grow professionally, I wanted to re-start some blogging for you.

What we put in and on our body, exercise, sleep, self love, our environment, and our soul health are all a vital role in our wellness.  Let’s talk about soul health for a minute because it is important to check in with our soul health, frequently. How is our inner core or soul feeling? Tired? Burned out? Frustrated? Sad? Confused? Exhausted?

Any of these feelings are good signs to pump the life breaks and rest! Life is fleeting, precious, and happiness is a daily inside job!

If our well feels dry it’s difficult to give, be creative, and move forward. Just rest, slow down a bit and when we do it’s amazing how the body and mind can feel so renewed and rejuvenated.

So as I feel refreshed with brewing ideas I want to say hello again and welcome back. I hope you find this helpful, refreshing, and full of healthy inspiration. I do this to help others and hopefully impact lives. Sending lots of love and light! Xx JB