My “GO-TO” Smoothie Blend

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image (17)Hello lovelies! Happy Monday! To start the week I just want to take a minute and THANK YOU!  As I live each day loving healthy foods nourishing my body whole and well, I just love to share it with you so I want to thank you for giving me this space to share my healthy recipes, ideas, love for nutrition, and inspiration for others!  Today as I was making my smoothie I started to think about all the smoothies that I love but what I usually tend to throw in the Nutribullet.  Smoothies do not have to be complicated or fancy, they simply need to be nutritious, balanced, and yummy! If you have been following along you know my LOVE for smoothies but if you are new to my site welcome to my love for smoothies….I post them often!:)  I just love that smoothies are such a fantastic way to fit so much nutrition in one glass and they are great anytime of the day or night! I always love making different smoothie creations but I do love my GO-TO smoothie so I am excited to share it with you!  I love to start with my 5 favorite basic ingredients that I always tend to have on hand which keeps it simple and provides a delicious basic smoothie to blend! I love that anyone can be so creative with smoothies and make what they love best but to take the guess work out for a delicious, nutritious, easy, go-to smoothie this is how I like to build mine often. I simply throw in my 2 favorite fruits , 2 favorite  veggies, and my favorite tiny power house seed! Now ya’ll….. you can totally get fancy with this smoothie and build further but the 5 basic ingredients I am about to share with you just provides a great start to really any smoothie combination. This smoothie is simplified but very buildable if you desire more protein, more fat, extra fruit or extra veggie. I always like to add  a little local honey to this smoothie as well but that is totally optional.  This basic smoothie is a packed with  antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, fiber, omega three fatty acids, protein, potassium, calcium, and healthy fat.  So as I sip on my delicious and nutritious go-to smoothie here is the recipe for you to try sometime too. ENJOY!!

My “Go-To” Smoothie Blend:

1 cup organic  spinach

1 cup  organic carrot

1/2-1 cup frozen organic strawberries ( I will substitute frozen blueberries too sometimes)

1/2 banana fresh or frozen

2-3  tbsp. chia seeds

1/2 cup water or coconut water

1/2 tsp local honey- optional

How To:

Using a Nutribullet, Ninja, or Vitamix place all ingredients in the blender and blend until completely smooth. Remove from blender, pour in your favorite glass, grab a straw, relax, and enjoy:)!!

Jenny Beth Kroplin