Banana Milk

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Banana MilkThanks for stopping by and ya’ll…..this recipe I am about to share was by teeeeeee total accident but I just had to share it with you! Let me introduce you to what I call “Banana Milk”! A delicious, nutritious, energizing drink that will leave your taste buds thanking you for all the yumminess. This little recipe is so easy peasy and super fun to make but offers pure nutrition in a glass chalked full of potassium, protein, and vitamin C! This is totally between a smoothie and a juice in consistency and simply delicious. Give this a try, you will not be sorry! Here is your recipe!

Banana Milk

1/2-1 whole frozen banana

1/2 cup frozen peaches

1/4 cup organic greek vanilla yogurt (can substitute coconut yogurt for a non-dairy option)

3/4 cup filtered water or  unsweetened coconut water

How To:

Put all ingredients in  high powered blender ( I used the Nutribullet) and blend until you have a milk-like consistency. So easy peasy, refreshing, and nourishing. Enjoy!   

Jenny Beth Kroplin