Activated Charcoal?

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Activated Charcoal….lets get to the nuts and bolts of this popular, trendy beverage!

Lots of hype around this dark substance lately and I have tried a few different activated charcoal beverages lately….but what really is it and should we be consuming it?
Here is a little healthy scoop!
I love a little healthy dose of this yummy beverage every once in a while!
Activated charcoal is everywhere and considered to have detoxifying properties! It has been considered helping rid the body of acute toxins/ poisons BUT with that, it can also pull out important nutrients our body needs like water soluble vitamins B and C, minerals, and some medications.
Basically activated charcoal is a dark, fine powder substance made from different sources like coconut shells to olive pits, it has been heated at high temperature, a carbon form that is very porous with a large surface area available to soak up toxins!
Thankfully the body has a built in detoxifying system thanks to the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, and skin so on a regular basis no real need for activated charcoal!
In a nutrition nut shell, when is comes to consuming activated charcoal, it’s ok to consume in small infrequent doses if desired, it is not meant for regular consumption for sure ….it’s way better to focus on a balanced, whole food diet plan, good, simple hydration and leave the body up to it’s own detox plan!
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