Welcome to Jenny Beth RD!!!

I am so happy that you have stopped by to learn more about this site and the services I offer as a Nashville-based Dietitian & Nutritionist, media personality, speaker, and consultant. I will start with my passion for nutrition and the passion I have to share my expertise with you! Thank you for taking the time to read more about me, Jenny Beth, a lover of health and wellness and believer that we can all make a difference in our health with the start of simple nutrition awareness!

My Nutrition Journey:

My passion for nutrition and how it goes hand-in-hand with our wellness started years ago as a little girl watching my mom cook healthy meals in our family kitchen. There was never a meal that didn’t include fresh, whole foods served at our family table!! I found myself training as a ballet dancer and played competitive high school tennis, which is when my affinity for nutrition deepened. I knew in order for my body to deliver in both dance and tennis I had to eat healthy everyday!! It was evident that the body craves fuel that will nourish, provide ongoing energy, and repair.

As I entered college, I decided to make nutrition my career and deepen my knowledge even further in the field so that I could share the nutritional message with others. After attending Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Dietetics, I entered into my Dietetic Internship through Lipscomb University in 2003. I became a Registered Dietitian in 2003 and starting my Dietetic journey in the NICU at Baptist hopsital with a diverse experience in clinical nutrition. Shortly after a year of clinical experience, I took a position with Mead Johnson Nutrition traveling across Middle Tennessee working with area physicians and clinicians in regard to formula nutrition. In 2009, I started my own private practice in Nashville, called Healthy Beginnings LLC, with a focus on family nutrition counseling, media, speaking, and consulting. Since then, my business has organically sprouted into more media, consulting, speaking, and writing after having the privilege of coaching countless individuals in their own nutrition journey. I look forward to this new growth and sharing my ongoing passion in nutrition with you!

The Daily Me:

As I strive to live my life each day in a healthy way along with nourishing my own family “Healthy” with the main focus in whole foods and clean eating, I understand – as a wife, mother, daughter, friend, and professional – that life is BUSY! Healthy eating is not always going to be perfectly healthy or on target even with the best of intentions. Through my years in counseling, I understand that food and healthy eating should not be a struggle but a pleasantry that naturally and symbiotically molds into a daily walk of life. I truly believe that food should stay fun and simple to both nourish our body healthy and nourish our soul at the same time. The daily walk and balance in healthy eating is just that … a daily walk. A daily decision to make healthy choices in each opportunity we have to nourish our body. We have one body; lets strive to feed it HEALTHY!

Along with my professional walk, my personal daily walk has been richly blessed and I treasure every minute with my loved ones. I also love to stay active in weekly Zumba classes, walking, and occasional yoga. I love anything skincare related, make-up, colorful lipstick, polka dots, and pearls! My southern roots give me daily inspiration, both professionally and personally, and I would never pass up a good, cold glass of sweet tea! I invite you to come walk with me daily, weekly, or monthly as I walk in my own daily wellness. I plan to share fun, healthy ideas, nutrition inspiration, nutrition research, and overall nutritional wellness as we all walk through our own nutritional journey.

Thank you for your time and for visiting my site and please feel free to follow me through the current social media outlets listed on my site.

Have happy and healthy day!