Refinery 29 Night Sweating + Alcohol

Posted · Add Comment Alcohol + Night Sweats is there a link??? Ever wander why you sweat when alcohol is consumed? I have the pleasure of sharing some perspective over on Refinery 29, just click the link above to view the entire article. Alcohol consumption effects virtually every part of the body from the brain to the circulatory system, endocrine system, to the central nervous system. Physiologically the body can feel flushed, sweaty, hot, clammy, nauseated, light headed, fatigue, and even experience heart arrhythmia. Sweating in particular can happen at anytime during the day or night after consuming alcohol. Since alcohol is commonly […]

4 Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Diet!

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Spring is here…. yay! This is such a great season to check point ourselves from all the post holiday healthy intentions and spring forward our health and wellness even more. Living a healthy lifestyle is a daily journey finding what works for your body, mind, and soul. Do you feel stuck? Or confused? Or frustrated with leading a healthy lifestyle? Everyone is on a different health journey with good intentions in mind and to keep efforts simple here are 4 easy ways to focus healthy intentions and implement daily change for long term healthy habits. 1.) Refresh the Fridge + […]